Late in 1982, members of Wheelchair Sports and interested individuals convened a steering committee to investigate the possibility of forming an umbrella association for sport for people with disabilities. This group reflected a broader feeling that it was no longer appropriate for sport for people with disabilities to be run by welfare organisations and so be recognised as part of the mainstream sports community.

The steering committee produced a constitution and structure for the now Western Australian Disabled Sports Association (WADSA). This constitution was reviewed in September 1989 to allow for greater opportunities in the area of sport and recreation for individuals. Another major review took place in 1995 to reflect current and future visions of people with disabilities in Western Australia. This resulted in a revamped constitution, leaning towards specific visions for people with disabilities in Western Australia.

We are a charitable, non-profit making, sport and recreation umbrella organisation for disabled individuals and groups. Our organisation was incorporated on the 8th December 1983. Subsequently, the Charity Certificate of Registration was issued on the 25th January 1984.