President’s Message

WADSA has been supporting people with disabilities over the past 30 years to live healthy and happy in the Western Australian community. We believe in participation for all and have a dedicated staff that continue to use innovation to change the daily lives of people in WA living with a disability by having a ‘Can Do’ approach. Over the years we have seen a need in smaller towns and more remote areas and we have successfully expanded our programs into these areas.

WADSA member clubs across the state of WA are the life of WADSA.  I love being able to see you at various events and hear stories of your experiences throughout the year. I would like to commend you on your spirit of goodwill and amazing efforts as participants, volunteers, coaches, and family supporters. WADSA recognises all your efforts in providing opportunities to people with disabilities.

As a peak body, WADSA recognises our partners in striving to achieve our Vision. These include local governments, schools, welfare groups, community service providers, state sporting associations, private businesses and WAIS across the state who liaises with WADSA to deliver opportunities and choices to people with disabilities.

We have said goodbye to our General Manager Brooke, thank you to her for over 10 years with us and welcome to Hannah our new senior development officer.  Also Ron Williamson has stepped down from the board and we wish to thank him for his dedication to WADSA.

There are new and exciting times ahead and we look forward to continuing to provide opportunities that make a significant difference to West Australians with disabilities and their families. I am proud to be President of WADSA and also moving into a new role as one of the directors of ARK – Action recreation Kompany which has been set up to cater for the needs of people who will be coming under the NDIS in the future. This way we can move forward with providing excellent service to ALL West Australians living with disability.

Thank you to all!

Priya Cooper
OAM – WADSA President