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Innovation for inclusion

Sport and recreation is more than just kicking a ball or going for a swim. It’s about creating meaningful experiences.

Here at WADSA, we love developing new innovative adaptive equipment and modified activities to help get you active! WADSA works with individuals, sport and recreation clubs, community groups, disability service providers and schools to research and develop new adaptive equipment to ensure anyone, no matter your ability levels, anyone is able to participate in sport and recreation in WA.

These can range from simple modifications, to highly technical customised 3D printed electronic adaptations. Whether this be a customised archery stand for an individual or a drone controlled by a chin switch for use by a classroom, WADSA can help you find a solution.

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image-Parent of children with disabilities

Having the ability to hire WADSA equipment packs during the school holiday has been lifesaving for me as a parent of two active children with a disability. The staff here listened to me and were very knowledgeable on what activities would benefit my boys the most. Great service!

Parent of children with disabilities
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Equipment Loan

WADSA has a range of modified activities and adaptive equipment for loan to enable inclusion in sport and recreation.

WADSA spends extensive time researching, consulting and developing equipment packs for use in the community. We want to empower you to participate in sport and recreation when, where and how you want.

Equipment for loan includes

  • Multi sport packs
  • Modified art pack
  • Switch adapted remote control car pack
  • Switch adapted Nerf pack
  • Obstacle course

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