Awareness and Skilling

Inclusion Awareness Program

Awareness, education, promotion and skill development; WADSA works with Community providers (recreation centres, local clubs) to provide awareness and skilling sessions to educate in better catering for people with disabilities in the community. Participants (individuals, schools, welfare agencies) are also involved where activities they can get involved in within the community are promoted. WADSA run’s these sessions in the form of workshops, expos and come & try days, which may be planned or can be flexible upon request to meet the needs of the community.

Workshops: Are a more formal component of the program where the needs of the agency are assessed and an educational program is put together, meeting individual needs and providing required knowledge of disability. These sessions can be booked upon request and needs.

Expos: Information sessions that can be conducted as meetings, demonstrations or group conversations, their primary target is industry professionals to provided information on how professionals in the community can better include people with disabilities in their programs.  These sessions are held bimonthly, with a focus, at the Leisurelife Centre and act as good networking opportunities, sessions are also being held at Herb Graham upon request. These sessions can be booked upon request with different themes to address needs.

Come & try’s: These sessions are the more practical component of the awareness and skilling program, where participants of all different ages and abilities from different agencies along with individuals attend. Sessions allow participants to trial a range of activities they may have not been exposed to previously. These sessions are also held bimonthly at the Leisurelife Centre, with a focus, which often links to other WADSA based program area, sessions are also held at Herb Graham upon request. These sessions can be booked upon request with different themes to address needs and or interest.

Skilling & Awareness programs are targeted at the following groups:

  • TAFE students
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Community Development Officers
  • Welfare Organisations
  • Recreation Officers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Disability Access Officers
  • Family Support Groups
  • Local Government
  • Sporting Organisations
  • Youth Officers
  • Families
  • PCYCs
  • Teachers
  • Regional Groups
  • Carers
  • YMCAs
  • Teachers’ Aides
  • Holiday Program Staff
  • Individuals

Expos and come & try sessions are held monthly, register for our monthly “Participation Bulletin Updates” for upcoming sessions and registration details. For further information please contact the WADSA office on (08) 9470 1442 or email