Conservation/Adventure/Nature Xperiences

CAN Xperiences and Activity Days

WADSA delivers and facilitates the opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in a variety of conservation, adventure and nature activities. The CAN Xperiences Operational Area currently involves the following 6 concepts:

C.A.N:    Conservation, Adventure and Nature Xperiences run by WADSA to cater specifically for people with disabilities.

“YOUR” CAN Xperience:   Groups book a campsite and can loan WADSA equipment to use where required. WADSA staff also available to attend and run activities if needed.

DISCOVERING NATURE:   Individuals/groups/families can choose from a series of suitable locations, as identified from a recent pilot project, and have Xperiences in either a supported or non-supported manner.

SELF DIRECTED:   WADSA can provide a wide and impressive range of equipment and activities for people to borrow, allowing them to plan their own camps in their own time.

CUSTOM:    WADSA responds to requests by key stakeholders to run or assist in specialised CAN Xperiences and activity sessions.

INFORMATION RESOURCES:   WADSA will provide and update a variety of resources via our website giving people with disabilities information on suitable activities available and accessible campsites.

If you would like further information on any of the above concepts please contact the WADSA office on (08) 9470 1442 or email