Modified Activities

Individual Service – Learning Hubs

WADSA provides opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in a range of activities in the Community, better enabling this through modification of activities or equipment and the loaning of such equipment.

Within the delivery of WADSA’s normal programming areas, we are constantly modifying activities we are running, to better cater for the individuals attending these programs. This may come through modifying the activity itself or the equipment being used, in a person centred manner. This enables us to cater for a wider range of participants within the one program and meeting the needs of these participants, getting the best out of each person’s potential involvement. In doing so, we work closely with participants and agency staff to ensure we meet both individual and agency goals.

WADSA has a range of loan programs where we meet with participants within our existing programs or externally to provide them with a customary pack, where necessary. This may be Metropolitan, Regional, individual, or an individual in a group environment, who wish to be better included someway in their own environment.  We work closely with the participant, their families or agency staff to establish abilities, needs and goals to put a pack together and loan. Loans can be both short and long term.

For further information contact the WADSA office on (08) 9470 1442 to email