Specialised Recreation

WADSA’s main priority is to deliver and facilitate opportunities within the community to improve participation of sport and recreation for people with severe and profound disabilities.

Through the specialised recreation program WADSA specifically targets people with severe and profound disabilities, of any age, who are often not engaged in activities within the community around the state. This includes empowering communities in regional, rural and remote areas to the able to deliver services to such participants within their own community, through the introduction of programs, loaning of equipment, staff training and ongoing support. Our metropolitan programs are of a similar nature, with programs being run in centres and agencies by both WADSA staff and industry professionals, with a similar loaning, training and support system in place.

We are continually developing and trialling new modified activities and adaptive equipment, keeping up with the times and interests of people with disabilities in the community. Some of our new range of activities and equipment include: switched adapted nerf and associated auto targets & responders, switch adapted remote control cars, assisted archery stand, auto water falls, along with a great range of switches, responders and other assorted high support needs equipment to increase participation. These activities are available in addition to previous programs and activities such as: multi sports program, blow darts, aqua flingers and boccia.

Much of the trial of such equipment is done so through both existing Specialised Recreation programs and our bimonthly come and try days. Support to agency staff and industry professionals is able to be encompassed within our bimonthly expo sessions and or upon request.

If you would like to become involved in our Specialised Recreation program, our Expos and come & try sessions are held monthly, register for our monthly “Participation Bulletin Updates” for upcoming sessions and registration details. For further information please contact the WADSA office on (08) 9470 1442 or email reception@wadsa.org.au.