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WADSA are a representative, non-government organisation whose membership is made up of organisations of allied interests, our members.

Our members range from large nationally affiliated organisations to local volunteer-run groups. We support our members through advocacy, consultation and support.

Member Club Benefits


WADSA represents and advocates for the disabled sport and recreation sector. WADSA works with clubs to influence policy or systems with shared issues. Advocacy activities include representation and lobbying, policy development, legal advice and more.

Consultation and Coordination

As a peak disabled sport and recreation body WADSA has the ability to bring organisations together through common goals. WADSA brings organisations together to work through common goals. We conduct round tables, workshops, surveys and organise communications in the community.

Assistance, Insurance and Support

WADSA offers on-call assistance to the disabled sport and recreation sector. This may be sport specific or disability specific, with all queries welcome. Member clubs receive a wide range of support including insurance, mediation, legal advice, funding applications and program development.

Information Dissemination

WADSA plays an active role disseminating information to its member clubs, the disabled sport sector and the broader mainstream sport and recreation sector. WADSA ensures its members are informed on policy change, government programs, funding opportunities and anything else that will impact the clubs and participants.

Direct Services

WADSA delivers a range of direct services to its member clubs including state championships, participation championships, activity sessions and an extensive equipment loan system

Annual Awards

WADSA hosts its Sport Star of the Year awards annually to recognise WADSA’s member club achievements and hard work throughout the year. Awards include WADSA Sports Star of the year, Junior Sports Star of the Year, Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, Volunteer of the year and more.

image-Jan, Chairperson of Superfins

WADSA have provided a wide range of services to our club over the years, their staff are knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to work together. The Superfins would recommend becoming a member of WADSA to any other like-minded disabled sport and recreation clubs.

Jan, Chairperson of Superfins
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