WADSA was incorporated in 1983 and received charity registration in 1984 and has renewed this charitable status currently. The organisation was established with government guidance and assistance to encourage cooperation, collaboration and organisation from the various disability welfare agencies, including the Authority of Intellectually Handicapped, Blind Association of WA, and the Association for Cerebral Palsy to name a few.

The WA Disabled Sports Association is a registered NDIS Service Provider.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way to support people with a permanent and significant disability. The NDIS was fully rolled out across Western Australia in 2020.

  • Have you been approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?
  • Are you waiting for your planning meeting or reviewing your NDIS plan?
  • Would you like to include sport or recreational activities in your plan?

The following steps will guide you through the things you need to think about when preparing for your planning meeting.

Image - Find a sport or recreational activity

Find a sport or recreational activity

Do you already take part in sport or recreational activities? Are there any that you’d like to take part in?

  • Visit the WADSA Activity Directory to find a sport or activity which you may like to take part in.
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Image - Make sport and recreation part of your life

Make sport and recreation part of your life

Where will your sport or recreational activity fit into your life?

Use this template to make a list of activities you usually do each day of the week. (Accessible PDF)

Now add in the sport or recreational activities you want to take part in.

The more detailed your weekly description is, the more likely you are to get these activities funded.

NDIS don’t usually fund an activity (especially long term) but may fund a support worker or equipment.

Do you research

Do you need help or supports to take part in this sport or recreational activity?

Think about the things you might need, including:

♦  Equipment                 ♦ Transport                ♦  Accessibility                ♦ Support

Use this template to write down your needs (Accessible PDF)


The NDIS calls this equipment ‘assistive equipment for recreation’ or ‘assistive technology’.

Things to think about.

  • What aids and equipment will you need to take part in this sport or recreational activity? For  example, a sports wheelchair or a prosthesis.
  • Will an occupational therapist or physiotherapist need to fit your aids or equipment?

If funding is required for a piece of sporting equipment, a specific goal relating to that piece of equipment is required.



How will you get to and from your sport or recreational activity?

For example:

  • public transport
  • family
  • support worker
  • taxis

Read about the types of transport funding you can get from NDIS.


Accessibility and support needs:

Will you need support while taking part in your sport or recreational activity?

For example:

  • Will you need help to use the bathroom?
  • Will you need help to take medication?
  • Will you need help getting about?
  • Will you need a support worker to come with you?

Setting goals

The sport and recreational activities you’ve chosen will only be included in your NDIS plan if they are part of your goals.

Sport and recreation fits into these NDIS funding categories:

  • Social and community participation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships Choice and control

Use this template to write down your needs (accessible PDF)

Things to remember

  • Ask for help

    If you don’t feel comfortable speaking up for yourself, take someone to your planning meeting that can support you. Someone who can speak up for you is called an advocate. There are advocacy organisations  that you can contact for help.

  • What if I'm not happy with my NDIS plan:

    If you’re not happy with your plan, or a decision that is made, you can ask to have your plan reviewed.

    You can ask the National Disability Insurance Agency to explain the decisions they make about your plan.

  • Sport is more than just fun

    There is lots of evidence for why sport and recreational activities are good for people with disability.

    Read more about the benefits of taking part in sport and recreation.

  • Was this guide helpful

    We’d love your feedback on this guide and how you go including sport and recreation in your NDIS plan. Please email [email protected].

This guide was developed by Disability Sport & Recreation in partnership with Mark Topic, Sophie Lynch and Monash University and adapted by WA Disabled Sports Association.

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