About us

We believe the game of football (with its highs and lows) together with being part of a team within a local community club builds an individual’s:

Independence: Participants become well organised and reliable as to train, play and help around the club.

Well being: Participants become physically and mentally fitter.

Self-esteem: Participants have greater confidence and pride as part of a team and larger club.

Life skills: Participants learn develop decision making skills, develop interpersonal relationships, learn to cope and become resilient.

The WA All Abilities Football Association was established by the Perth Football League in 2019 so ensure everybody gets to play Australia’s game.

Our programs:

• Integrated Football
• AFL Blind
• AFL Wheelchair
• AFL Inclusion Carnival
• WA Country Club Cup
• Footy Integrated Training Session (Facebook Live! Weekly Fitness Training)
• AFL Curtain Raiser
• AFL Walking

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