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In-School Activities

Achieve educational outcomes whilst having fun! WADSA has a range of activities on offer including:

  • Archery
  • Multisport
  • Modified Remotes
  • Bush skills
  • Art

Speak to a WADSA staff member to see how your school can get involved. Contact [email protected]

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image-Kate Pawikowska, Sir David Brand Teacher

Conversations around disabilities often focus on what a person can't do. WADSA’s inclusive programs are an all-embracing and empowering celebration.Sir David Brand School students have benefitted from a variety of programs and events offered by WADSA. As a result, our annual sport carnivals and specialised sporting programs are tremendously popular and well supported by our school community. The use of adaptive and modified equipment has been an integral part of assisting and supporting our students’ participation. SDBS students are proud of their accomplishments! They have loads of fun, in addition to their educational, therapeutic and social achievements.

Kate Pawikowska, Sir David Brand Teacher

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